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let fiction reign

For the characters we would befriend, fall in love with and admire. For the worlds we wish to escape to. For the stories -- may they never end.

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"Side Effects"

“Ten blade.” I could hear the whoosh-shah of the ventilator forcing air into my lungs. The smell of latex and antiseptic pierced through...


There are 48 hours in a day. Sam opens her blue eyes. Panic greets her, heart starts hammering. She showers in steaming water. My body...

Collection One

Methodically Menial A dash of this, pinch of salty society says Simon must measure even the slightest teaspoon. Goals Look and see the...

"Highway to Hell"

I try to hold all of them, those pushy, beastly lumps. “It’s just part of the job, comes with the territory,” learned that early on. At...


The orange bottle with a white wrapper sits on the night table amid a collection of safety pins, half-empty water bottles and wrinkled...

"Expiration Date"

I met a girl oh, she’s beautiful-everyone loves her. The ladies are green with envy and the gentlemen offer their arms- only an arm, and...

"Currency Events"

Only one simoleon! So say the neon signs 10 for 10, wait- what happened to the penny candy? The New Your Times headlines, “Inflation” no,...

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