"The Meaning of a Rainbow has Changed"

Roses are red

Violets are blue

What wizard of romance

Decided those are the colors of love?

Daisies are yellow

Like a good-natured fellow

Who always finishes last

For no one will give him a chance

And then there's the purple lilac

Of royal stock in fact

The ever-pursued Prince Charming

Perfect in face, but mentally starving

Tulips are pink, blush, pastel

The good girl who never shows and tell

The girl-next-door type

Vacant of personality, society's prototype

Tiger lilies roar in orange

Exotic things, strange and foreign

It's something different they say

Do we dare approve of a biracial gay?

Flowers are nature's expressionist love

Beauty, variation, hard to let go of

Coveted by all, to hold in hand

Left to die, unwatered and damned.

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