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let fiction reign

For the characters we would befriend, fall in love with and admire. For the worlds we wish to escape to. For the stories -- may they never end.

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Master of Light

“Where is his Highness’ castle located?” Silou asked. The chamberlain Hannes casually thumbed through a few manuscripts in his grip...


I looked down through the translucent case, with my brother inside. Surgical instruments were silently whirring away, taking away bits of...


I woke up to the sun shining through my east window. It took me a moment to remember what my other self had lived through the night...


Another fanfiction, derived from Fire, by Kristen Cashore. This is a WIP of a potential sequel. A nondescript horsewoman clung to the...

Time Chains

Change the clock's control open the box, time paradox Mime the motions real emotion, steal back time reel in life monotonous strife.

Riddler on the Roof

Castle walked into Beckett’s small, Manhattan apartment. He was instantly reminded of how sparse and monochromatic her furnishings were....

"Side Effects"

“Ten blade.” I could hear the whoosh-shah of the ventilator forcing air into my lungs. The smell of latex and antiseptic pierced through...


There are 48 hours in a day. Sam opens her blue eyes. Panic greets her, heart starts hammering. She showers in steaming water. My body...

Collection One

Methodically Menial A dash of this, pinch of salty society says Simon must measure even the slightest teaspoon. Goals Look and see the...

"Highway to Hell"

I try to hold all of them, those pushy, beastly lumps. “It’s just part of the job, comes with the territory,” learned that early on. At...


The orange bottle with a white wrapper sits on the night table amid a collection of safety pins, half-empty water bottles and wrinkled...

"Expiration Date"

I met a girl oh, she’s beautiful-everyone loves her. The ladies are green with envy and the gentlemen offer their arms- only an arm, and...

"Currency Events"

Only one simoleon! So say the neon signs 10 for 10, wait- what happened to the penny candy? The New Your Times headlines, “Inflation” no,...


Brigan rode through the night on the back of Big, his sturdy and trustworthy mare. A steady rain down poured on the both of them, a state...

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